Millions of people all over the world are trapped using archaic tools and unfriendly software to get their work done.

With your help, we want to change that.

The products

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    Podio is a collaborative work platform that is already empowering hundreds of thousands of organisations to change the way they work. We believe that the power to control your own work tools should be given back to the people who are actually doing the job. Our vision is simple: Podio is the future of work.

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    GoToMeeting Free is a web-based and lightweight version of our GoToMeeting product to meet the needs of everyday consumers. Today's products for video conferencing are way too complicated. Our vision is to be the easiest and quickest way to communicate in real time with anyone.

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    GoToAssist is the leading Remote Support tool, in use with thousands of customers worldwide. We allow you to effectively support people in any kind of situation. We are currently expanding out teams in Europe to further improve our existing products and build new innovative products.

Life at Citrix

Take a step inside our new Copenhagen office and see how life is at Citrix:


Approach any Citrix employee and you’re likely to hear the same answers to what makes working at Citrix so great: