Just some of our customers

“When you're building an app in Podio there's a lot of things you can do. There's text, calculations, dates, images; so it's kind of fun formatting everything and seeing how it all works together. You can basically get it to do exactly what you want.” Read more.
“Since moving our work to Podio my team is spending at least an hour less a day on project management.” Read more.
“Using Podio has made it amazingly easy and efficient for our global marketing team to plan, execute and evaluate any campaign activities on our marketing roadmap.”
“This just in: Reports confirm that nothing on earth is better than @Podio. #PM app of the decade.”
“One of the things Podio has helped us do is actually kill those spreadsheets that are lying around in all corners and folders of everyone’s laptops ... Kill those spreadsheets and collect everything in a viral, social environment.” Read more.
“Time to say hello to Podio, formally. We’ve been using it heavily since Q3 2012 and the power of developing and managing your own applications makes it a no brainer ... we estimate we are 10-20% more efficient in terms of time/resource usage.” Read more.
“Podio has revolutionised the way I work and I am introducing people I work with to it every week. As a small company it gives me big company connectivity”
“Downgraded Basecamp today as @Podio takes over as our project management tool. And CRM. And all around task manager.”
“Its not every day that a software walks into your life and sweeps you off your feet! @podio *swoon* *sigh* #ProjectManagement”
“This has to be the best project management tool since the invention of the diary.”
“We use @Podio you can customise it to fit your own work flow and most importantly it improves collaboration with clients.”
“I heart @Podio for project management & customer communication!”
“Podio has a mind-blowing system to help you work with other people.” Read more.
“Created my first webform in @Podio today. Oh so easy and will save a heap of time for the project we are working on.”
“One of the things I like most about Podio is that I can see that activity of my direct reports, figure our what I need to manage, [and] what road-blocks they are having, all at a glance.” Read more.
“I love love LOVE #Podio; I can't remember my life without it. I am more addiction to it than Facebook. #truelove” Read more.
“We can focus on the project and not the management ... we saw the power of the App Store to really build applications basically on your own workflow.” Read more.
“For us Podio is, among other things, an idea-generation and problem-solving tool. In simple terms – it enables us to be more successful.”
“If you manage anything or anyone and haven't looked at @Podio - you're looking in the wrong place. It's the platform for getting work done.”
“Podio manages to keep everything simple, and user-specific. We can all get involved, across the team, to individually adapt it to our ever-changing needs. It fits very neatly across the range of sectors we’re operating in. ”
Paul Sheridan
“I love it. I tried every single project management tool, time tracking tool, task tool, etc on the planet. Now we can finally make our own! And that's great.”
“Wow Podio is nice to work with! Highly recommend it for project management.”
“Love. Plain and simple. These guys not only built a great app for their platform, but also continually update their iPhone app to better support users. My life is easier with Podio!”
“I'm so happy to have software that works so well with our work flow, and that is getting constant attention and updates from its developers.”
“Building an @Podio app for the assembling, tagging, prioritizing, delegating and filing of citizen inquiries at @radikale”
“ I use Podio to effectively and efficiently collaborate with my employee's and contractors. Seriously, I don't know how in the world I got by without it! We were actually using other collaborative type programs, but Podio BY FAR runs circles around the rest!”
“@podio apps are in many ways like #Sharepoint lists. Except smarter, easier, accessible and created faster.”
“We've been running on @Podio for a little over a month now in the HQ. It's a keeper for sure. Perfect for distributed teams!”
“Now that's customer service @podio have implemented fluid app badges after I asked :)”
“U guys rock! Podio has really made my team more productive”
“I've worked with many systems that hope to do what Podio does and I can honestly say it's the best I've seen. Seriously, well done.”
“Podio is a great tool which allows us to work our way. We don't have to adapt to strict frameworks but can design our specific workflows which fit to our needs ... Podio helps us to be productive in an convenient way.”
“Loving Podio - it's the best replacement for Cohuman ever! So much better in fact.”
“Utterly impressed with @podio platform & how it's improved our workflow and collaboration. Awesome!”
“Prior to joining Podio we were really spread out among a bunch of different services. Podio makes it easy to streamline it all in one place and work across a nine hour time difference.” Read more.
“Was amazed by the simplicity of Basecamp. Now am blown away by - great user interface and functionality...also FREE!”
“As a consultancy, we work with small and medium organizations and for sure we will suggest Podio to all our clients.”
“@Podio I can't say just how much I love your service in a Tweet. Keep up the great work!!”
“Just a week in to using @Podio and already we're noticing an increase in productivity, efficiency and happiness at the office!”
“When something’s on Podio it’s assigned to someone and they are responsible for it. It’s not just an email that gets sent out and lost in someone’s mailbox.” Read more.
“With Podio, we've saved tens of hours each month that we can use elsewhere. Podio also helped us unite and connect as a team with its fantastic audio, video and commenting features. ” Read more.
“Podio makes it easy to stay up to date with work being done by other teams even though we are located all over the world. The biggest benefit of Podio is time savings. I can go to one place and get everything I need instead of sorting through tons of emails to find the latest document or the latest update on a project. The Citrix team has been amazing. We love working with them on GoToAssist. Our strong relationship with Citrix was an important factor in our decision to adopt Podio.”
“You get the right information, in the right places, for the right people, at the same time, so it’s not hidden in people’s email or on their personal computers; it’s very visible because it’s on Podio and the people related to the project can follow it on Podio.” Read more.
“Our company is dropping @salesforce CRM and switching to @Podio. A much more beautiful and intuitive design that's also cheaper. Yay!”
“I challenge you to toss out everything you know about cloud CRM and work management systems and give Podio a shot. If you're like me, you may find it to be the breath of fresh air you've been yearning for.” Read more.
“Miinto Group is now using #Podio in 7 countries and we couldn't live without it. #crm #intranet #whateveryouneed”
“Podio covers many of our needs in one place – wikis, functional apps, internal communications and more. It’s an agile way of working and interacting internally and with customers.” Read more.
“Thanks Podio... Your work is like art rather than science and technology.”
“Using @podio makes you think about how you should work. Using most other tools makes you think about how features work.”
“At a certain point the light goes on and people start building their own apps and spaces and it really does drive creativity; you can see people start to think about how to make themselves more productive.” Read more.
“Wow, @podio has changed the way we manage projects forever! Goodbye basecamp. ‪#nevergoingback‬”
“Podio has completely changed the way we store information, communicate, collaborate, and improve within Olikka, but more importantly, it's enabled us to extend that to the customer ... and I've got to tell you they've been amazed.” Read more.
“Doing my taxes. Using @Podio and @Dropbox. No paper, no mess.”
“By using podio we are working better as a team and we are collaborating more.” Read more.
“It has really revolutionised the way we work as a company. We're completely virtualised with our employees across multiple counties, Podio enables us to communicate as if we were all still in the same office!”
“I have been using other products for a while, but they cannot compare with Podio's superb functionality and usability. All in all, an extraordinary tool that's truly designed for business in the XXIst century! ”
“@Podio I grow more addicted to you each day. Thanks for creating something amazing.”
“What would I do with out @Podio ... definitely keeps me more organized than I could have ever dreamed of!!!”
“Keep up the great work, I am almost at a zero email point thanks to podio. A breath of fresh air!!”
“@Podio I'm sold!! Your platform = all kinda awesome”
“We really recommend that everyone with a project, big or small, use Podio ... It’s easy to use, it saves time, money, increase efficiency, and the team behind Podio is amazing.” Read more.
“@Podio's ability to create a report from an app and then save it as a widget is a fantastic tool. Very smart.”
“Officially launching @Podio as our agency PM today... time to get organized for growth!”
“Only 24 hours in & I'm loving @Podio online collaboration among InterActors. Love it. More than candy, and ponies, and candy ponies.”
“Thank you @podio for making my life easier!”
“We use Podio for Delivery Hero and the experience has been amazing. Not just because of the software, but also because of the staff. The team make us feel like we are part of the Podio family.”
“I LOVE Podio. Love Love Love. CRM, Project Management/Tasks, Bid Tracking, etc.... And any other app I want to create.”
“Podio is pretty awesome. Bug tracking is just one tiny thing but you customise it to work for you.”
“@WeCreateMedia is using @podio now. This tool is revolutionizing our communication already. ;-)”
“My team really loves Podio. We were using SugarCRM previously, which works well for recording things but not for interactivity. I can definitely say that we are all waaaay more happy with Podio.”
“Podio revolutionizes the way businesses do business! With Podio, your office is where you want to be!”
“@Podio You guys are awesome! A quick and fully customized application built in a few seconds! Great product!”
“If you're starting a business, or already running one, you NEED @podio it's unbelievable. So much tigerblood!”
“Just overheard in the office "I gotta say, loving this @Podio" followed by "I know, way better than Basecamp!"”
“Podio is an absolutely beautiful product. It's now the heart of everything we do.”
“I've said this before and i'll say it again. @Podio app is REALLY well designed and has some great ideas in there to make it perfect for you”
“Best organiztional tool so far - at @aarstiderne we used it for intranet. Works. Lots of love @podio”
“I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and my business partner how fantastic this site and it's features are ... It's one of the most intuitive and rich platforms around. Absolute 5 star experience.”
“For us, Podio is a simple system with endless possibilities. It is not only easy to use and timesaving – it saves us a lot of money as nothing is forgotten or gets lost in communication.” Read more.
“With Podio, we’ve even been able to track our sales process to gain a better understanding of the cost of customer acquisition, which types of customers to go after and what types of activities are needed to convert a lead into a sale. ” Read more.
“Quite honestly, I can’t actually remember what the hell we did before it came into our lives and swept us off our feet. Email? Pah! It seems faintly ridiculous now. We use Podio for everything; communication, interacting with clients...” Read more.
“Every time I need to find some information like new graphics, materials, deadlines, I can find it all there. Before I had to send lots of emails, call, and remind myself. Now it’s it just all there and I think it makes it way faster.” Read more.
“@Podio is having a profound impact on how we communicate, document and automate our business @guestfolio #happyCRM”
“What's really cool about Podio is that everything's mobile. We're always on the go, we all have laptops, we have mobile phones, so it's nice to have a system like Podio that's equally as flexible. ” Read more.
“I love that I can customize and create a workspace that works with the way I currently work, as opposed to forcing me to adapt ... I know better than my project management software how I am most productive.”
“I love Podio!  It is exactly what I wanted.  I created a VBA spreadsheet that popped open a form with the data from any row you clicked on, so I could work with the data in a form.  Podio is a million times better for a million reasons!”
“I love @podio for managing events I produce. But, look! It has #CRM Software and Lead Management, too!”
“The more I use @Podio the more I get to respect what they've achieved with this tool. Very Cool. #projectmanagement #gettingthingsdone”
“Thanks to the guys of @Podio for making such an awesome product. You're saving me tons of money!”
“Podio has helped us to increase productivity, to bring our associates closer together, and to decrease the number of emails within the organisation.” Read more.
“Wow, I think @podio just changed my life. Such a beautiful system, just enough structure but everything can change.”
“It's very easy to use; there's really no learning curve. Within ten minutes I had my first app.” Read more.
“With teams spread around the world Podio kills the pain of time zones. Getting work done is now easier, even from my mobile!”
“I mean…wow…@Podio is an amazing piece of software for managing…well…EVERYTHING about a business, really.”
“We used to spend hours reviewing, sorting, logging and responding to email requests from bands. Now it’s all done automatically using the simple Podio web-form we designed ourselves.”
“I'm really loving using @Podio to collaborate with clients/partners! Really gr8 platform that makes collaboration easy!”
“4th company that I've intro'd to the wonders of @podio have now told me they are "Podio Addicts" - sign of a good product me thinks”
“Love Podio. Use it daily for everything from recipes to a 12000 user cabling project.”
“We've been using Podio for less than a week and I'm already starting to feel like I don't know how we ever managed without it! ”
“Apart from being an amazing platform by itself, what I love most about Podio is the ability to create an app dedicated to our needs without the dependence on Podio’s engineers nor any other internal engineers.” Read more.
“@Podio You're looking good, and I think I'm starting to experience side effects. Productivity side effects.”
“Podio has brought us closer together as a company.” Read more.
“Most CRM type software does more than I need. @Podio let's me strip it right back.”
“Working across 20 different countries with colleagues and partners just got a lot easier thanks to Podio – and also more fun!”
“I don't think I'm ever logged out of @Podio , so useful for @AIESECUS information and updates!”
“Our agency-wide tool for managing everything from projects to clients.”
“I've been working in collaboration for 8 years, and your product has just blown my mind. It is f!$&*ng awesome!”
“I may have found the best piece of software ever - @podio is going to change my life.”
“I absolutely love @podio! Working from my iPhone next to the beach with team-members on the other side of the country :)”
“I've never become so immediately dependent on software. Ever. Blows basecamp out of the water.” Read more.
“If you are looking for a great organizational / task management (+more) app... @podio is 100% win.”
“Your system is so flexible and so well thought-out, that using the system is so friendly and intuitive. You make everyone else's system look like "Frankenstein-ware".”
“@Podio Thank you for creating such an awesome tool. I'm the president of my High School's student council and we're all loving it.”
“We’ve tried a few business collaboration apps over the years and Podio stands out from that crowded space. We’re very pleased.”
“@podio is staggeringly good I love their tutorials and getting started stuff #usability #ux #design (looks good too)”
“Podio is a great application that really helps us to manage our business.  I felt so good about it, I tweeted!  I don't tweet a lot.”
“Have just sent a couple of questions to the support at #Podio. Answers after just 5 minutes! Nice work!”