June 1 - 10 2011

Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan St.
New York, NY 10012

App Camp - June 1, 6-9pm

Are you finding email inefficient to manage all your work? The tools you're using inflexible and disconnected? Come share your story and check out Podio.

The App Camp is your chance to meet the Podio team, build your own apps, and discuss how you can change the way you work. Everyone can build apps on Podio, so bring you laptop, and join us.

If you are already a Podio user, we will love to see how you are using it and help you get more out of Podio. Please contact Britt Van Slyck, britt@podio.com.

Future of Work Event: Turning Work Inside Out? - June 2, starts 7pm

Social media’s impact on the world of business has been major, and has in some ways turned business inside out: opening up to customers and adopting social media has started to move business away from mass marketing, and people’s adoption of these has led to a defection from mass identity, and mass markets. As our work becomes more social, more mobile, and increasingly channeled through mobile, social ‘work media’, what is the relationship between workers and business?

What will ‘workplace’ and ‘at work’ mean when people work in many locations and increasingly lose the distinction between work and leisure time? How can business rethink the workplace in light of the primacy of social network-based communication and collaboration?

Special guests: Valeria Maltoni, Marcia Conner, and Jennifer Magnolfi. Read more.

Join the discussion, meet the Podio team and help us make a party!