Podio, Better Than Project Management Software

The collaborative work platform that's perfect for managing projects

Unlike traditional project management software, Podio is the tool that empowers you to work the way you want. Unrivaled flexibility, task handling, and file-sharing combined with social activity streams create one platform for executing any project.

Podio works with the services you already love

Google Drive

Key Features

  1. Task Management

    Fully fledged and always in the right context. Share, label, repeat, set reminders, comment, and attach files.

  2. Files & Documents

    Attach and share files in the right context - no more emailing back and forth. Works with Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, and more.

  3. Project Meetings

    Make your meetings productive. Share agenda and notes. Host online with one click using built in GoToMeeting.

  4. Works with Email

    Add data easily to Podio via email. Post, create tasks, comment, add attachments, and more all from your inbox.

  5. Social & Mobile

    Collaborate securely with whoever you want, even across companies. And, from anywhere with free mobile apps.

  6. Apps for Ultimate Flexibility

    Select from hundreds of free work apps for any type or project. Or, build your own with no technical skills!

What people are saying

  1. JpholeckaJP Holecka via Twitter

    Wow, @podio has changed the way we manage projects forever! Goodbye basecamp. #nevergoingback‬

  2. LisaLisa Fahay via Twitter

    I heart @Podio for project management & customer communication!

  3. RockywallsRocky Wallis

    The implementation of Podio has completely revolutionized the way we work.

  4. EricEric Epstein via Twitter

    Love Podio. Use it daily for everything from recipes to a 12000 user cabling project.

  5. BoukeBouke te Pas via Twitter

    I love it. I tried every single project management tool, time tracking tool, task tool, etc on the planet. Now we can finally make our own! And that's great.

  6. KimburgasKim Burgas

    I love that I can customize and create a workspace that works with the way I currently work, as opposed to forcing me to adapt [...] I know better than my project management software how I am most productive.

More efficient project management and collaboration

Why is Podio better than project management software? With Podio everyone involved is always on the same page. Keep team and project discussions in one centralized place where all relevant files and information is created and securely stored. No matter what your favorite project management methodology and style is, Podio will provide a great platform for project execution. Use the unique Podio App Builder to fully customize your project management apps to fit your work flows - no technical skills needed!

Get more done

Get out of your inbox and get more done. With Podio online project management is easy and intuitive. Simply set up your project alone or together in your team within minutes. Stay on top of deliverables and deadlines with the built-in task manager, and use Podio reporting and the intelligent calendar to easily keep track of milestones, meetings, budgets and work progress.

Get started

Select the apps that fit the way you work from the list above, and get your project set up in no time. Bring everyone on board and invite your team to collaborate right away. Modify your apps to fit exactly what you need - it's as easy as drag and drop.

Start project collaboration with customers or clients, freelancers, suppliers, and colleagues in a matter of minutes.

Keep your project on track with efficient meetings

Easy task management keeps your team aligned and productive

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