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Podio is for your team - and for the whole company.

You can work with everyone on Podio: with your co-workers or with your clients in dedicated work spaces. In your free Employee Network your entire company can communicate, anyone with a company email-address can join. Podio Apps add structure to your work, with a social activity stream featuring comments, likes and status updates.

  • Project Management

    Discover the easy way to run projects. Simple yet fully flexible. Enjoy successfully finished projects.

  • Social Intranet

    Share knowledge, see what others are working on, and connect to your co-workers to become a great team.

  • Collaboration

    Discover the new way of collaborating across teams and organizations. Work smarter together and create more value

  • Product Development

    Boost your development process. Stay on top of customizable workflows. Leverage team power to create great products.

  • CRM & Lead Management

    Stay on top of all your business relations. Fully customizable to close more deals and know your customers better.

  • Recruiting

    Manage your recruiting process in one place. Get out of spreadsheets and email and enjoy hiring the best candidates.

  • Event Management

    All you need to organize great events. Easily keep track of budgets, participants and your team's tasks.