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Google Drive

Key Features

  1. Structured

    Track agenda and assign next steps

  2. Social

    Collaborate with attendees in an activity stream

  3. Meetings your way

    Easily extend to fit any type of meeting

  4. Efficient

    Easiest way to manage your meetings

  5. Organized

    No more time wasted in poorly organized meetings

  6. Effective

    Meetings that accomplish your business objectives

What people are saying

  1. TonyTony Marturano via Twitter

    It has really revolutionised the way we work as a company. We're completely virtualised with our employees across multiple counties, Podio enables us to communicate as if we were all still in the same office!

  2. AlastairAlastair Douglas

    By using podio we are working better as a team and we are collaborating more.

  3. JacobJacob Packert via Twitter

    Been working from home for an hour. Am totally synched with my coworkers and the tasks at hand. Haven't sent a single email. Thanks, @Podio.

  4. MichaelpascoeMichael Pascoe

    Podio has completely changed the way we store information, communicate, collaborate, and improve within Olikka, but more importantly, it's enabled us to extend that to the customer [...] and I've got to tell you they've been amazed.

  5. ThomasThomas Nicholls via Twitter

    Podio covers many of our needs in one place – wikis, functional apps, internal communications and more. It’s an agile way of working and interacting internally and with customers.

  6. ShaharShahar Silbershatz

    Working across 20 different countries with colleagues and partners just got a lot easier thanks to Podio – and also more fun!

More Productive Meetings with Podio

Far too many meetings are a waste of time because they are poorly planned and lack followthrough. This has a major impact on productivity, and managers spend over 30% of their day on meetings.

Podio is a collaborative work platform that allows you to organize and execute productive meetings and ensure followthrough by connecting your meetings to your workflow, keeping everyone informed and productive before, during, and after your meeting.

Get started

To start, choose your type of meeting from the list above–you'll find Podio apps for sales meetings, standup meetings, management meetings, all-hands meetings, and more. All can be easily extended to fit the way that you want your meeting to work with other attendees. Invite them and start working together.

Podio and GoToMeeting

Podio is integrated with GoToMeeting, which makes it easy to schedule the web and audio conferences, and share the meeting logistics, agenda, documents, and minutes with your attendees - all in one place. You can start your meetings with one click.

After your meeting is over, you can use Podio to write up your minutes, share your notes, or even distribute a snapshot of the meeting whiteboard. You can assign tasks for action items and discuss next steps in the comments fields.

Meetings are now integrated with your workflow

Easy web conferences with Podio and GoToMeeting

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Just some of our customers

Suggested meeting types
  1. BrainstormBrainstorms

    Get all the ideas on the table with Podio's brainstorming app More info

  2. CalendarPlanning

    Organize your team with Podio's app for planning meetings More info

  3. StandupStand-ups

    Execute your projects with efficient daily stand-up meetings More info