We’re looking for an experienced designer who gets a kick out of improving the way people work, and believe that effective design can make a huge difference in the value of a product.

Together with other designers, product managers and engineers you will work to find solutions to our user's challenges and create the necessary wireframes and final graphics to explain your suggested product changes. You will constantly play an active role in driving your vision through, getting it into the product, and reacting to users feedback.

The ideal candidate
The product

We have a core web product, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, and you'll be working on all of them, and more. The challenges in front of us are tough, but will be a lot of fun to solve. How do you introduce a product to people that is different from any they’ve worked with before? How do you allow limitless customization and reporting whilst keeping a simple interface and having it work on mobile too? You’ll have to challenge existing thinking, ask tough questions, conduct new research, analyze and question existing data, and role of all that into creative design that makes the complex, simple.

The product team

The product team is focused on delivering a superb user experience. Engineers and designers work in close cooperation to continuously deliver product improvements in a truly agile environment. The majority of the team is based full time in Copenhagen, and you’ll be joining us there, enjoying an upcoming brand new office, fantastic lunches and even better parties.

The business

Podio, a part of Citrix, is a collaborative work platform that is already empowering hundreds of thousands of people to change the way they work. We believe that the power to control your own work tools should be given back to the people who are actually doing the job. Our solution to that is apps. The Podio platform allows users to build their own apps to work the way they want to, without any technical skills. Our vision is simple: Podio is the future of work.

Have what it takes? Apply.