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Become a superuser A guide to getting started - how to structure spaces, build apps and use relevant features on Podio.

Get your team on Podio Tips for you to kick-start your team on Podio.

Podio basics A guide to be shared with your team to help them off on the right foot!

Tips and Tricks from the Podio Team

Dragging files from Skitch to Podio Tips for sharing screenshots with annotations on Podio.

Using Podio in a sort of GTD-ish way Blog post by Podio co-founder Anders Pollas on how to implement GTD (sort of) using Podio tasks.

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User Stories

See how other organizations successfully moved their workflows into Podio.

Managing consulting projects and communication on Podio.

12-Stars Media
From email, spreadsheets & Basecamp to Podio. CRM and project management.

Using Podio as an extranet for more than 1000 people in 49 distributed teams.