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Enjoy the power of people centered lead management with Podio and close more deals.

Sales is about people. Manage leads and track sales with Podio in a more social and collaborative way. Streamline your sales process and keep your team involved with automatically shared updates. Making assessments and working towards the same goal as a team results in better data quality and more sales.

The best part: working together in Podio is fun, so your team will readily generate and share all-time available knowledge about your customers. Capture leads via super-easy web forms or simply forward your emails. Use the saved time to focus on your client relationships. There is a bunch more great features waiting, so why not try Podio as your online CRM?


Key Benefits

  • Collaborate more efficiently on converting leads
  • Improve data quality by sharing access and engaging leads
  • Generate sales by leveraging lead endorsements
  • Share real time sales stats so the sales team is up to date on their progress
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ekito knows more about their clients with a simple online CRM built in Podio

ekito is a French IT services and consulting company that employs 35 senior consultants. Naturally, a CRM is the backbone of such a business and Podio finally offered Thomas and his team the much-needed customizability along with a social interface. Using Podio as their online CRM provides them with real business value.

  • better cooperation means fewer mistakes
  • building a collective intelligence of the whole team
  • ease-of-use and customizability means higher productivity
  • connect a customizable online CRM to internal and external project management

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What people are saying
  • Really liking @podio for sharing group projects and deal pipelines. Have been forever stuck btw Google Docs and Salesforce, neither right.

    @jess via Twitter
  • looking at @podio to use for CRM instead of functionality is close, interface is great, and it costs < one salesforce seat

    @toddjsch via Twitter
  • Really impressed with @Podio so far. Seems like a hugely flexible CRM / PM / Collaboration tool. Def a new angle on the incumbents.

    @markgw3 via Twitter
  • thx to @cehwitham @graemehodge @onpurposeUK @simplesoft for CRM and intranet suggestions. Going with @Podio. loving the UI and app store

    @sdmoss via Twitter

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