Podio Chat, the way to move a project forward.

A face-to-face conversation with anyone you work with is now just a click away. Got a question about a project deliverable or need more info on a sales lead you’re tracking in Podio? View your co-workers’ availability and start a video call or Chat conversation with them, right inside Podio. Your team and your work are all on the same page.


Lose the wait at work.

Successful project management and collaboration requires all the right communication. Structure your deadlines, responsibilities and content with your Podio Apps – make decisions and perfect the details in real time with Podio Chat. No need to launch a separate messaging application and no more waiting for email replies – simply get what you need to make progress, without the wait.


Any work, anywhere.

However and wherever you work, Podio gives you and your team one central place to stay in sync. Free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mean you’ll always have access to everything on Podio, including your Chat conversation.